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Born in California and raised in Apache Junction, Arizona. Joseph Dutra is a rising filmmaker who has been making his own shorts since the age of 16. He decided he wanted to make films at the age of 12 when he saw Be Kind Rewind, and has progressively developed his talents behind the screen. Having worked on several shorts over the years, even having his own YouTube Channel, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He's also won Best Comedy for his short film, The Locker Room Mascot Massacre. As well as Best Editing and Best Minnesota Made Film for his short documentary, My Father. 


Has known experience in videography, directing, cinematography, editing, 2D animation, and production assisting on several projects.

Artist Statement:

My inspiration stems from films, television shows, life events, books that I have watched and read over the years; this creates communication between my own thoughts and the evolving culture around me. These thoughts help create stories that I want an audience to see and be engaged in, and those are the kind of films I want to make. My films invest in the audience’s time and keeps their attention, even it’s something similar to what they’ve seen before. I want the work to have a unique flow so that it still feels original when they watch it. Because in the end, a film, whether it be narrative or non-fiction, always has a story and people likes stories, especially the captivating ones that will entertain the audience. Besides, nothing in film is original anymore, like the telephone, it’s just a modified version of a previous invention. 

When it comes to the making an actual film itself, I want to make sure I get everything done and I don’t stop until I am 100% satisfied. Every single piece of advice, I take to heart because I don’t just want myself to be okay with the product, I want everyone who watches it be happy they did so in the first place. From the locations used, the actors cast, and the music scored, I make sure everything is in tiptop shape. I edit every detail of every shot even after I created a cut of the film because I feel like I haven’t done enough and it usually ends up with me having several files of the same film. I also try to work with a tight budget as well, as it gets to me think outside the box on how I want to get a scene done, as a lot of indie filmmakers do.